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Oct 05

Make Your Own “Fortunate”

UnknownI’ve had a lot of professional highlights but today might just be one of my all time favorites. That’s because I was doing what I love…having fun and spending time with amazing woman entrepreneurs! I’m on the West Coast, attending the Werk It podcast festival for women.

tld-podcast-main-5Right now, I’m just coming off the high of recording my podcast “Journey to There”LIVE from the WYNC studios in Los Angeles, where I had the fortunate opportunity to interview Gina Delvac, producer of the fabulous podcast “Call Your Girlfriend

This  conference just keeps getting more and more exciting and my takeaway to share (so far) is about that you ‘make your own fortunate’. I committed to attending Werk It 6 months ago. I did my homework, I planned, did outreach and optimized all of the opportunities that were presented to me.I sucked up my ego, put on my big girl panties and really put myself out there.

Yes, I’m incredibly fortunate. I got to record my show in an LA studio; I made a new girlfriend and colleague in Gina: and I participated in a mentor session that she facilitated. None of this was accidental. I applied, I asked and I showed up. I made my own “fortunate”. And just remember, you can, too!

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